Tuesday, August 13, 2013

An Abundance of Raspberries!

We are so blessed to have an abundance of raspberry bushes in our yard, right beneath our apple tree and beside our veggie garden. I've never seen so many berries before, but Sweden seems to be ripe with them everywhere - you can also find these super delicious, super sweet and tiny little strawberries known as 'smultron' - they're honestly so tiny that my girls think they're faerie strawberries.

 Tiny little wild strawberries in our backyard.

 One of the raspberry bushes beneath the apple tree. We have about 20 bushes.

This is just one big mixing bowl full of raspberries, we've collected at least 6 Litres of raspberries, many which are eaten fresh, but the remainder have been made into jam or frozen.

One of our many jars of homemade raspberry jam - the first we've ever made. We also made some Queens Jam which includes wild blueberries.

 Some of our beautiful flowers. It's so nice being able to take a few and display them in vases inside - and a lot cheaper than buying them from a store.

 Our root vegetable garden with potatoes, beetroot, & parsnips.

Our first blackberries. 

We also have a mulberry tree that we planted behind the house, next to our canoe.

Some of our tomatoes - definitely nothing like the glut of tomatoes that I had in Australia, it's a very different climate here, but at least we'll hopefully have a few. I think we'll set up a greenhouse for next years crop.

These photos remind me of how far I've come - I started out with one tomato plant in a pot about 4 years ago, though I must give credit to my wonderful husband who does most of the gardening work :) one day, I'll dig through my photo collection and find the photos of my awesome aussie garden that he built for me during our long-distance relationship - I even raised chickens, before my move to Sweden. They were so cute and I can't wait until we have them again.

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